5 Date Night Ideas

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I wanted to share some fun date ideas! Whether you are newly dating, newly weds, or have been married for 20 years, these are fun for everyone! It can be especially hard when you are just getting to know someone to always come up with fun date ideas... just wait until your married with a baby and grocery shopping at Target kid-free becomes "date night."

It's extremely important to connect with your partner on a regular basis. A simple thing to do regularly is to put your phone away and just talk to each other. No talk about work! It's easy to get stuck in an endless circle of work all day, eat dinner, watch TV, fall asleep, and repeat. In order to have a successful and meaningful relationship you need to reconnect every once in a while. We don't always have the luxury of going out of town on vacation to reconnect and then go back to everyday life every time we need it.

So here are 5 fun date night ideas to spruce up your love life:

1. Wine Tasting- This can be so fun! I know not everyone loves wine like I do, but you can change it up! Go to a brewery and do a beer tasting! Or go to a bourbon distillery and do a tasting there! There are many options when it comes to tasting alcohol.

2. Escape Room- I have yet to actually do this but it sounds like so much fun! What is more exciting than trying to solve a puzzle to get out of a room! Probably more fun if you do the wine tasting before going but do something you've never done before. I think we will be doing this for our next date night!

3. Cooking Class- Me and Anthony love to cook! If you aren't good at cooking or don't love to experiment at home, this is perfect for you! Cooking classes are so fun. I love to learn new things but sometimes you don't necessarily want to "clean up" from this new experience so this is a great alternative. Watching YouTube channels to try new food can sometimes be time consuming and not as fun as having a teacher and other couples around you learning something new as well! I highly recommend doing this! We took a cooking class while we were in Italy and we had an absolute blast!

4. Couples Massage- Who doesn't love to relax?! Me and Anthony try to book a couples massage once a year when we are on vacation. There is nothing more relaxing than being at a spa and getting into those fluffy robes and slippers and having a massage. One thing that makes that better is doing it with your partner! They are so romantic!

5. Go Around the World in One Night- ... with dinner! Come up with a 5-course menu that works its way around the world. Start with an appetizer from one country (like Italy) and do breadsticks! I'm all about that carb life so breadsticks sounds delish. Then move on to soup, salad, entree and dessert. All from different cuisines! You can either make your own or order in, either will do as long as it's diversifying your taste buds! 

Although it can be "fun" to go see that new movie that just came out with a huge tub of popcorn and your favorite candy! You don't really get to connect with one another when you're sitting in a dark theater not talking to anyone. Give one of these a try on your next date night and you'll be sure to have a great time!


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