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I can't say enough great things about Amazon in general. We literally buy everything off there. From dog food to batteries to diapers, the options are endless. The low low prices and 2 day free shipping keep you coming back for more! I'm pretty sure I personally fund our local Amazon delivery drivers but I can't help how easy it is to have everything sent straight to my door! I started receiving so many packages that I put a few different types of beverages out for our local delivery people this holiday season. I highly recommend doing this. I really appreciate all they do when even I don't want to leave the house. So it’s an easy way to give back!

Now you have to be careful with online clothes shopping! I am an avid reviewer. I usually do quite a bit of research before I buy clothes off Amazon and I always always always read the reviews. While not everything I have found has been a winner, sometimes it has really worked in my favor. And when I find those great pieces, I leave a review of how I liked the item or how it fit. That's the key to online shopping.

As a lot of you know, I have a 10 month old baby and it can be very stressful to shop in stores. It is difficult to maneuver around all the clothing racks and in dressing rooms with a stroller. She is also a heavy 22 pounds, and carrying her the whole time isn’t super fun either. So what does a girl gotta do to get some shopping in?!?!  Online shopping is an answer to a mother’s prayer! That certainly must be who invented this...

Here I am going to share with you a few pieces I have recently purchased and loved. These items have become a staple to my everyday wardrobe. I'm 5'6 and usually wear a medium for reference. Hopefully this helps you determine what size will fit you best!

From left to right: This Leopard Shirt is a size medium. I wish I would have ordered a large. It fits good but I prefer my clothes a little looser than this shirt is. The White Stripe T is one of my favorites! This is a size medium. I really like that the sleeves fit more snug than the rest of the shirt.  The Black Floral is a great option to wear with leggings. It's a longer fit and has ruffle short sleeves. This is also a medium.

This Leopard Long Sleeve is size medium. I think this shirt is so cute! It has stripe shoulders and leopard print on the elbow. It's a great way to make an everyday shirt level up. The Red Stripe T is the same as the white with black stripes. I loved it so much I bought it in a second color. The Pink Stripe T fits true to size and is a medium. If in between sizes, I would size up for a looser fit once washed.

This Lace Fringe Sweater is so pretty! I probably could have went with a small in this shirt instead of a medium. It has a pretty loose fit to it. The Buffalo Plaid sweatshirt is a size medium. I could have sized up to a large in this shirt for more of a comfortable fit. I've been wearing this shirt with a longer black tank underneath so it's a little more comfortable to move around in. The waistband is pretty snug. This Camo sweatshirt is so comfortable! I ordered a size large in this sweatshirt. I absolutely loved it at first. Still fits good after washing. I recommend hanging this sweatshirt to dry though. It shrunk a little after being in dryer. The first day I wore it, my aunt ordered the same one!

These Soda wedge sneakers are my absolute favorite too! I wear these just about anywhere and  everywhere. They are so comfortable! I loved them so much I bought a second pair in leopard print! These also fit true to size. I usually wear 8.5 in shoes and that's what I ordered.

Like I said before, not everything I've bought has been a winner. I have had some pretty big flops over the years. For instance, my husband is way too into Gossip Girl and fell in love with the Chuck Bass scarf look. I searched every website I could find for this scarf. For 5 years he talked about it. If you know him, he is historically an incredible gift giver and I finally wanted to be the one to give the  surprise gift! I knew I was going to pay a little more for it because it pretty much didn't exist. Well to my dismay, I found it on Amazon! I was so excited to find it so early too, way before I was even planning on starting my Christmas shopping. Of course it was coming from China so I knew it would be awhile before it arrived. As the months went on, I had forgotten I ordered it in the first place. *hand to forehead* ..... When the package arrived we laughed so hard we were practically crying. This scarf did in fact look like the scarf in the picture but it was so ridiculous in person! The fringe was 5 inches long and definitely not made out of silk.

So if your like me and sometimes jump the gun too quickly on purchasing things with my heart and not my head... Amazon does have a wonderful customer service center and they really try to work with the sellers to make things right. So I encourage you to try some of these awesome pieces I have found and let me know what you think! I would also love if you would comment or message me some items you guys have found to be great #AmazonFinds.


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