FIT(ness) whole pizza in my mouth!

Working out is difficult. Especially if you've been out of the game for awhile. My goal for 2020 is to love myself more. Be more forgiving. That is sort of a catch all goal, but I have multiple ways I plan to do that.

2019 was difficult on my body. I should start by saying that I had a baby in 2019 and that is not an easy task. For someone who struggles with self image, pregnancy makes that about 1000 times harder. I don't think I ever said "I hate myself" or "I hate how fat I am." I just never felt skinny or beautiful growing up. I was always competing with the thoughts in my head that were telling me different. I thought I was "pretty" but I didn't love what I saw in the mirror. I fortunately grew with parents who always told me I was smart, beautiful, funny and could do anything I wanted. And I don't take that for granted one bit. I think that they solely kept me from spiraling down that dark path. I can't imagine growing up with parents who put me down all the time. And if that was you, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. YOU ARE SMART, BEAUTIFUL, AND BRAVE.

Pregnancy is HARD. Instantly, you wake up every single day nauseous and/ or vomiting. Thankfully, I only threw up a couple times! Then your clothes don't fit (not in the beautiful pregnant belly way... in a I'm just bloated way). And even though you didn't really have much acne as a teenager.. it comes with a vengeance. STUPID HORMONES. In the end, you did it! You had this precious little bundle of joy! Your prize? A flabby belly that looks 6 months "pregnant!"

My "oh so good timer" of a husband decided that a month after I had our sweet baby, was a perfect time to get a Peloton bike! I couldn't believe he even asked if we could get one. Not to mention how expensive they are, but there was absolutely no way I could get on a bike. He must have lost his mind!! 

Fast forward a few months.... and I love my Peloton! Your membership comes with Peloton One. It's an online gym wherever you go! They have strength training, yoga, meditating and spinning classes. The classes range from 5 mins to 1 hour. They pretty much make it so you can't have any excuses! You can chose to do the strength classes with your body weight or handheld weights.

I am also officially apart if the Century Club at Peloton! Now I have had my bike since May but I have been working my butt off to get where I am today. I've lost all but 10lbs of my pregnancy weight and I'm learning to love this body! This body carries around a 22lb baby... mostly chasing her little butt around the house now.

So if you have a Peloton... follow me at GrengaSA
If you don't have a Peloton but want to join, I have a code I can send you to get some extra Peloton goodies when you sign up! Use the contact form from the menu to get in touch!

I've been telling my husband that my diet doesn't start until January 4th so I have a few days to eat the rest of the candy in the house. I'm kidding... kind of. But how do you expect to start a New Years resolution with all the snacks from your Christmas stocking still around? Typically these diets and resolutions don't last longer than the 28 days in February. So how do you make a healthy lifestyle change?

My goal this year is to be kinder to my body mentally and physically. I'm not going to start a fad diet or commit to working out more than I do now. I'm going to stick to my 30 minute classes and do them 3 times a week. I'm going to cut back on the snacking and/ or switch them to healthier and fresher options. If you don't offer yourself some leeway,  you will never make this resolution last all year. Small changes can make big impacts.

So do your 30 minute workout and eat that bowl ice cream! Because I know as soon as I lose that last 10lbs... I'll get pregnant and have to start the whole process over again. Cheers!


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