Santa's Helping Us Become Chefs

We absolutely love to cook and try new things, but sometimes it's difficult to come up with ideas.  It's especially hard to think straight when the baby is crying and wanting to be held all day, so whatever I do come up with I only have one hand to do it. It's definitely a struggle during those moments.... for my patience and my sanity.

 A few things have made the dinner process way easier. Pinterest is the first place I go to to get inspired with recipe ideas. It alleviates the decision making process. I basically see a picture I think looks delicious and make that! We have also added these 2 items to our kitchen to keep us inspired to try new recipes and even try healthier options. #newyearnewyou ..... right??

I'm a die hard Chinese take-out fan! If I've had a rough week or are in dire need of some comfort food, that is my go-to. Egg rolls, General Tso's chicken, and bourbon chicken are the typical meals we order. Our local Chinese place knows our order the moment we call. Although I will say that's convenient, it's probably not a good thing. And because it's not a healthy choice in those moments of weakness, they've invented this life changing thing called an air fryer!

We recently got the Ninja Air Fryer and we absolutely love it! So far we have made homemade french fries, chicken wings for Sunday football, and Chinese orange chicken to satisfy my cravings. The options are practically endless.The best thing about it is the timing guide on the side of the fryer. As long as you follow that, everything should be cooked perfectly!

The next exciting appliance we have acquired from Santa this year is the Nespresso coffee machine. Anthony is a genuine black coffee drinker so Santa brought him a surprise this year! He absolutely loves it! He says it is the smoothest coffee he has ever had. If you are a coffee connoisseur, 
 then you need to get this machine! And if you're like me and would cry if you had to drink your coffee black, they also sell cappuccino and latte pods. The best of both worlds!


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