What do I know about blogging?

My biggest question I ask myself daily, is why did I start blogging?

Honestly, no one probably cares what I have to say but I think I'm funny. So I guess I'll start there. I have always laughed at my own jokes. Truly, no one else could be laughing but I still would. I learned from a young age that life is a lot easier once you accept this.

So I've been thinking about blogging for the last few years. It actually started after I watched the movie Moms' Night Out with Sarah Drew and a bunch of other wonder actors. Of course I love her from Grey's Anatomy but this movie seriously made me fall in love with the way she was a mom. I was not a mom yet but I knew in a few years that movie was going to be my life. And I couldn't wait. If you've seen this movie, then you know how she struggles to hold it all together with a husband who constantly travels but who also never wanted to be anything other than a mom! This movie is a must see if you haven't yet!

I chase around a 10 month old who now has figured out she loves running more than walking. How did she get so crazy?! The nursery at church today wanted to know if I was ready to move her to the next class. How can she already be ready to move to the next class already? I kindly told them we would try it next Sunday. So stay tuned to see if I freak out...

To be honest, it's a miracle we go anywhere before noon. I usually can't get myself ready until I put Ellie down for her nap at 10:30. This makes just about anything difficult to get to in the morning... how do people have multiple children?? I guess you just throw the next one into the chaos and eventually get the hang of it. 10 months in and I'm still working on getting the hang of it *sighs*

Anyways, I've been following a few bloggers the last year or so and every single time they would post something, I would think I can't wait for that to be me "one day." We'll one day came so much faster than I anticipated. Anthony pretty much made me a blog and gave me no excuse as to why I can't start now. I thought I needed to be famous or sell some product in order to have people want to read it. But here I am, doing it whether or not this turns into anything more. And I'm excited regardless!

The first blogger I fell in love with is Jennifer Todryk. She runs the blog "The Rambling Redhead." She is absolutely hilarious and so pretty! She has 3 kids and is a SAHM. My one sister is a redhead  too and I always tell her that she reminds me of Jen! My sister just got married and doesn't have any kids yet but I think they have a lot in common. Every day when I have time to myself I check out her blog and Instagram! I highly recommend following her! You'll definitely get your daily laughs in!  https://lifeasaramblingredhead.com/

The next influencer I follow is "The Sister Studio" by Jen Reed. She has a lifestyle page with links to awesome clothing, shoe and accessory options! They are all pretty affordable and such cute styles!
She always does a lot of research before promoting any products and will do videos on Instagram to show how well they work. I highly recommend following her page as well! https://the-sister-studio.com/

If I never become a blogger like the Jens' with a thousands of followers, then that's okay. I'm choosing to do this as an outlet to all the chaos that comes with being a mom! But me and my husband always love to try new things and we are avid Amazon users. I want to be a blogger that believes in the products I recommend. I'm never going to let money influence a product I use. That's a huge reason I'm recommending these 2 bloggers. I think they genuinely are good people and take the time to do research on products.

Amazon is the #1 place we shop! So stay tuned for my next blog on some awesome clothes and shoes I've found on Amazon.


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