What's In My Purse?

It's so easy to lose yourself and in caring for your children. Your stuff gets easily thrown into the dark corners of the diaper bag to be lost forever. Why is it that you can never find anything in that bag when you know you definitely put it in there?

Anyways, I have just recently started carrying my purse again. YAY! I don't need to carry the diaper bag into every single store or place I go into anymore so I started leaving it in the car. When the baby was younger I seriously needed everything in that bag at any given moment. From diaper explosions to the instant need to be fed, I didn't have much choice but to carry it 24/7.

It's definitely a win to be at a point to use my purse again. The purse I carry on a regular basis, I got when we went to Italy. I absolutely love this purse. It's a great black/ medium size bag to go with everything. I can even carry some of the baby's things in it if I need to... typically a pacifier!

Here are some of the items I carry in my purse at all times.

  • Wallet- I love this wallet! It's Louis Vuitton and I got it in NYC! I love that I can just grab it and go. It has 2 zippers on each side and card slots on the inside to hold everything. 
  • Sunglasses- I love these Ray Bans. I have had them for a few years now and have amazingly enough, managed to not break them yet. Fingers crossed.
  • Nail file- I don't have the strongest of nails and always seem to break one so I try to keep a nail file in my purse at all times.
  • Chapstick- I swear I have the world's most dry and cracked lips. I use chapstick entirely way too often. I'm sure I couldn't ever go without it. I love the Burt's Bees chapstick but I have recently purchased the medicated lip balm to help heal these puckers. Only a few weeks until Valentine's Day ;)
  • Mints- Who doesn't love tictacs? I mean the orange ones are basically candy. So in order to not eat the whole thing at once, I bought the mint ones. I usually have gum in my purse but I've been on a mint kick lately. 
  • Hand lotion- To go along with my dry lips, it is also dry hand season. Hand lotion is a must have for my purse right now. I hate when my hands are cracked and sore.
  • Dry shampoo- I've tried so many different types of dry shampoo. I have found a few that I like and most recently this Treseme dry shampoo has been working great.
  • Mirror- I hate not having a mirror on me. I'm famous for having things getting stuck in my teeth and realizing I haven't put on lipstick until I'm already where I need to be. This mirror is handy in those moments.
  • Headphones- Anthony got me the Apple Air Pods for Christmas and I absolutely love them! These are not the wireless charging ones but the charge does last for a long time with the charging case. Perfect for travel!
  • Hair ties- I used to love the skinny hair ties. I have thinner hair so I think these ones work best for me. Lately I've been using the no crease hair ties and I love them. 
  • Lipstick(s)- I have been on a E.L.F. lip kick lately. As you can tell I have a hard time deciding on what lip color to wear so I carry a few options in my purse. I'm loving this elf matte lip color for everyday!

These are a few of my items I carry in my purse on a regular basis. What are your must haves in your purses?? Oh, I also typically carry a bright pink headband and a binkie at all times. Never know when you'll need a bow or a pacifier so as a mom you must be prepared at all times.


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