Whine or Wine?

Any other wine lovers out there?

There's just something about curling up under a blanket with a glass of wine to relax after a long day of chasing my munchkin around. She is always on the move and oh so curious about everything. I don't only have to clean up all these stupid ( I mean cute) toys Santa just brought us, I also have to put away everything she pulled out of my kitchen cupboards. She can be exhausting. I chose to only put locks on my cabinets with poisonous chemicals in them. I hope there isn't any other cleaning stuff hiding anywhere she can get them... I have a feeling this is going to get old fast. Note to self: buy more husband proof, I mean child proof locks. Anyways, I usually put that little monster to bed between 8 and 9 pm so I can have a few hours to myself before I go to sleep. Oh yes.. finally some time to relax!
I wouldn't call myself a wine connoisseur or anything but I know my way around the grapes. A Chardonnay or Cabernet are usually my go to wines. BUT I'll pretty much drink any type of wine! Except for a dessert wine, yuck! Those are wayyy too sweet. Anyone else feel intimidated by the numerous aisles at the liquor store? I always walk in knowing what I want but then I get distracted! They have too many options to choose from.

Our local Sparkle Market (grocery store if you aren't from around here) sells this brand of wine called Cave & Cove. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who would ever buy this bottle of wine. Mostly because I think any sane person would be afraid to buy a bottle of wine that is always "on sale" for $3.99! HAHA! It is definitely one of my favorites though. Don't knock it until you try it! ;) But seriously, I always feel guilty serving it to other people because I get so many compliments on it and I'm afraid to tell them how cheap it is! How do you tell someone that bottle of wine practically costs more to make it than they sell it for??

I kept hearing about this wine club membership and I mentioned it to my husband that I really wanted to try it. Because I obviously have a difficult time branching out, this would alleviate the pressure of having to choose my own wines. I told him I wasn't sure though because they send you 4 bottles. He started laughing at me and asked why I was concerned about 4 bottles a month. We drink just a few more than 4 bottles... especially if we are having people over. So my husband signed me up as a Christmas present!

It's called Winc! It's a monthly membership that ships 4 bottles of wine straight to your door! The way they determine what wine you will like best is by a short online questionnaire. Before they ship your wines, they also send you an email letting you know which wines will be coming. You will have the chance to change a bottle if you don't like it. I also recommend leaving a review on the wines you have received so they know which bottles to send next and if they need to change something based on your last month. On their website they also tell you which food will pair best with that wine. It's pretty awesome! So far we haven't had a wine we didn't like!
Here's a tip! Red wine should breathe for about 20 minutes before drinking. We have made the mistake of not doing this with wine before and it honestly makes a huge difference. I had poured both of us a glass of Cabernet and when we took the first sip, we didn't like it. A little while later we noticed a change and both were laughing because we couldn't believe that letting it breathe really changed the flavor of the wine and we ended up loving it. I recommend getting a decanter for your red wine. We have this decanter and love it! I also use these wine glasses. I have some from target that I use also but I just recently bought these ones because over the years we have broken a few. 

Leave a comment below of your favorite wines that we should try!


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