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If you aren't a dog lover then this post probably isn't for you. To us she isn't just a dog, she is family.

Our first baby was a fur baby. Her name is Zoe and she is a Siberian Husky. She is the sweetest puppy. Well.. she's not a puppy I guess. She's actually 6 years old with the heart of a puppy. We've had her since before we were married so she'll always be my baby. I like to remind her every night when we get into bed that even though the baby and her make me crazy together, I loved her first.
There's just something about coming home and her greeting you at the door. Or snuggling up on the couch next to you when the snow is falling. Or pawing at my leg every time I'm eating something.... Oh wait that last one I can probably do without. No matter how much she begs I chose to believe it's because she loves us so much and for that I am thankful.

Zoe and the baby have a love hate relationship. They want to play together but Zoe likes to remind her that she's still in charge. No matter how many toys the baby has, she is always digging in Zoe's basket for something to carry around the house. Poor Zoe.
So as you may know, Huskies only shed a little bit. 😂

We have found some things to help during those lovely months in the spring when she drops her winter coat. I could practically make another Zoe out of the fur she sheds daily. It's definitely best to get her groomed when she is dropping that coat but it sheds for a long time so she needs brushed often. We have found that this furminator works best combined with a handful of treats to help keep her still. In the winter months and just to occasionally brush her without knowing, I use these gloves! These are awesome! She doesn't even know she's being brushed. They are kind of genius.. she just thinks she's being pet.

To help keep our house relatively clean of fur we have a Dyson vacuum. We used to have a Shark vacuum and it did a good job but the motor burned out one day... I'm not sure if it was from my hair or Zoe's. So we'll just blame Zoe.
To clean the fur off our couch we like to use an attachment to the Dyson vacuum but sometimes you don't want to pull the whole entire vacuum out. So I was determined to find something to easily remove the fur from the couch and pillows, because she's a pillow girl! It's slogan is actually "it's not pretty but it works." Its called FUR-Zoff and it is magic!
Initially we struggled to find a food that didn't dehydrate her or upset her stomach. She has always had a sensitive stomach so we are particularly careful about which treats and food we buy. We eventually tried out Taste of the Wild dog food and she really likes it. We choose the grain-free and high-protein kind. She doesn't really have a flavor preference, so I typically chose whichever one is going to get it to my door the fastest. I tend to forget she needs a refill until there's only a few days left! Not my finest moment but then sometimes she gets baked chicken breast and to her that's gold!
Zoe loves toys that squeak! She used to tear them apart until she could find the squeaker and bite a hole into it. Now that she's a little older she treats them better. For some reason she likes to actually play with them and not tear them apart now. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Good for me I guess because then I don't have to pick up all the stuffing from all over my house! Here is another toy she loves!

We have traveled a lot with Zoe over the years. She has done many trips from Maryland to Ohio and back. I found these awesome collapsible bowls. These are perfect for keeping in the car, long walks or hiking! They fold down flat and have a clip so you can store them pretty much anywhere. We also love this car seat protector. We used to use it all the time. It's waterproof so it does a great job of really protecting your car from those things. Disclaimer.... if you have a dog that sheds, the fur doesn't stick to it so if you open the windows you'll have tons of fur flying around! Oh happy days.

I'm so thankful for this pup! She is the sweetest fur baby. We lucked out so much when we got her. She does not have the typical husky behavior you see on YouTube videos that ate a giant hole through the couch and is hiding inside! I absolutely love watching these videos though. They're hilarious! She never barks or jumps on people... usually. She is so tame and great with the baby. We would totally get another one if we could clone our Zoe ... too bad the risks are too high that we would not get the same dog twice in a row! We definitely don't have that good of luck so we'll keep the princess we have! 

What items do you guys use for your fur babies?!


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