Everyday Makeup

My make up routine is typically an all or nothing routine. I have been trying to be more consistent with doing my makeup daily. It helps me feel more human when I don't always get as much sleep as I need but I can at least look like I did. That's a win I guess....

I have a few favorite products that I have been using for awhile now and I absolutely love them. I have tried many different options but these are my current favorites. Most of these products are from Sephora or Target.
I usually start with my eyebrows. I have used a few different pencils over the years but I have settled on the Benefit Cosmetics goof proof brow pencil. This is one of the longest lasting brow pencils I've ever used! Maybe one day I'll do micro-blading but for now filling them in doesn't bother me much.

Next I use the Sephora collection waterproof mechanical eyeliner in black. I prefer my eyeliner on my waterline so this eyeliner does a pretty good job at staying in place. Because I wear my eyeliner on my waterline, I have always struggled to find a good one that doesn't smudge. Then I use Stila liquid waterproof eyeliner on my top eyelid.

I always use my eyelash curler before I apply my mascara. I have used lots and lots of mascaras and I have always stuck to Loreal Paris telescopic mascara #905 black or darker. The only other mascara I have liked to use is a $5 mascara from Amazon called Essence. I always use this in conjunction with the Telescopic mascara but never alone. I think it helps make my eyelashes look fuller as well as longer.

My all time favorite eyeshadow palette is the Urban Decay Naked. I also own the Naked3 palette but the original one is by far my favorite and incredibly difficult to find now because they've come out with a few other different options.

I prefer not to wear any face makeup. I don't like how it feels on my face. The only times I ever use it is for weddings or other special occasions. For everyday, I do use the Maybelline instant age rewind eraser in shade light to hide these incredible dark circles I have that I don't think will ever go away. This does a pretty great job at concealing those babies.

I also typically only use chapstick everyday. I pretty much can't live without it. I have 2 in my nightstand, 2 in my purse, one in the diaper bag, and one in the car AT ALL TIMES. Sounds kind of nutty when I type it out to see where they all actually are. Hmm... maybe I have a chapstick problem.

On the days when I want to step it up a little bit, I've been loving the colorstay crayon from Maybelline! They have so many color options and its only like $6! You can't beat it! It's long lasting and doesn't come off when you drink something. That's my favorite part!

What make up products can't you live without?!


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