Stay Calm and Quarantine On

I know this quarantine is by all means not ideal but let's try and make the most of it. Our families get together probably an unruly amount on a regularly basis. We also don't plan on letting this virus keep us from one another. So if one gets it, we are all going to get it!
I wanted to give those of you who are going to be confined to your houses some things to do in the mean time. I do not have a school-aged child so my days of confinement are going to look different than most other peoples. If only I had a school schedule to follow to keep my days on track... but since I do not, I rounded up a few local shops offering great ideas and some other options for people to do at home or around a low amount of people.
First up on the list is The Art Cafe. This little art shop is local to the Boardman, Ohio area and is run by some very good friends of my sister. They are offering a very creative way to continue their business during this virus outbreak. They are offering "Take Home Painting Kits!" You pretty much get to pick what art piece you want to paint, 6 paint color options and 2 paint brushes all packaged to go! 
Second is Ivory and Birch! They are a local clothing boutique and are offering free shipping on all their online orders with no minimum purchase! An easy way to follow them is on their First Dibs Facebook page or their Instagram page. They have already started posting new products so you can see what is in their store. 

Third is Amazon! I mean is there anything that Amazon doesn't sell?? I found a few puzzles and games here to help us have fun while passing the time! I separated them on my page by adult friendly games and kid friendly games to make things easier!
I also highly highly highly recommend doing carry-out orders from your favorite local restaurants. Most of them are doing deals and discounts to continue business during this time. This is going to be a very hard time for people not able to work from home and for them this is their livelihood. If you can continue to help their business, please do so! 

If you know of any other local deals going on, let me know! I would love to share!


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