Weekend getaway to Columbus

Who doesn't love going to Columbus? The shopping... the food... you name it and they got it.

Anthony travels so much for work but me and the baby don't always get to go, so I was wanting to do a little trip but didn't want to go too far. My BFF has been travel nursing for the last couple years and has been traveling all over. She recently located to Columbus, Ohio and it's been a good while since I've been there myself so me and Anthony opted for a weekend staycation in good ole Ohio. I think it still counts as a staycation if you stay in the same state even though it's a different city. Anyways, we were only planning on being gone one night so this was a perfect quick trip!
Because Anthony travels so much, we are Marriott rewards members so we usually stay at one of their hotels. This time we chose to stay at the AC Hotel in Columbus Dublin. This hotel was absolutely gorgeous and in a great location with lots of bars and restaurants near by. A huge plus was a free parking garage across the street to park our car! A few of the other hotels we were looking at had a fee every single time you went in and out of the hotel garage for like $35. That's insane to me because unless you flew here and don't have a car, chances are you're going to want to leave the hotel at some point. The AC hotel also has a rooftop bar/ restaurant that had heated igloos out on the terrace! It's still cold here in Ohio so this was a pretty awesome way to still enjoy being outside.
We also ate brunch Sunday morning at this same rooftop bar. It's attached to the AC Hotel and the restaurant is called Vaso. They are typically just a tapas bar but they have a delicious brunch offered on Saturdays and Sundays. I highly recommend checking this out!
Every time we travel some where new or somewhere we haven't been to in a while, we like to try out the local distilleries and do a tour/tasting. We love learning to see what they do differently than other states or distilleries. This time we chose to go to Middle West Spirits in Columbus. They specialize in making vodka, gin and whiskey. We had a really great time at this tasting. They also make an incredible maple syrup that is to die for!  
Lastly we spent a lot of time shopping! I know what you're thinking... this was definitely Anthony's favorite part of the whole trip. We went to Polaris Fashion Place and Easton Town Center. I would probably say that Easton was my favorite. They have a good mix of high end stores and stores you would typically see at the mall. It was just and all around gorgeous day on Sunday. Easton is outside if you don't know so I recommend going on a day that has good weather. 

Good friends, good wine and good times. 
We definitely won't be waiting long until our next trip here! What are your favorite things about Columbus??


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