Baby Registry Must Haves

YAY... you're having a baby! Now what?

I remember when me and Anthony were wanting to start trying for a baby. I had been on birth control for like 10ish years and I wanted to check in with my doctor to see if there was anything I needed to know before hand. Unbeknownst to me, we were already pregnant! Not exactly the "6 months" they told me we would probably be trying for, before my cycle would return to regular. Now it has been 2 years since we had our first baby and here we are pregnant with baby #2! 

With Ellie, I immediately bought a pregnancy journal so I could remember every moment, preggie pop drops to help with the nausea, and a baby onesie to tell our family. That was such a fun part. Of course my sister kept saying I was pregnant every time she saw me for months while we were trying so it was hard to fool her. I definitely can't keep any secrets so we told our families very early on. I know not everyone does that but we wanted our families to be a part of it all no matter the outcome. 

When you are pregnant, you are sure to be googling everything. I remember trying to learn everything I could and as fast as I could learn it. I googled pregnancy symptoms, best prenatal vitamins to take, weight gain, baby growth, and everything you need to have prepared prior to baby's arrival. The first thing I bought was what I thought was the BEST prenatal vitamins.... yuck.... these stupid things made me want to vomit every morning even more than I already needed to. I chose to go the gummy vitamin route and that worked for me. I suggest talking with your doctor regarding this beforehand but I didn't have any issues with this. This just goes to show that "the best" isn't always the best for everyone. 

So here is a list of all of my favorite tried and true baby registry must haves!

// Carseat & Stroller //

We have the Uppababy carseat/ stroller/ bassinet option and we absolutely love it! To us it was 100% worth the price. We bought a cheaper stand option for the bassinet for our room and it worked out perfectly! I cannot recommend Uppababy products more! I did see that they are going to be coming out with a carseat option that isn't an infant carrier and we will probably buy that also! 

The only other stroller we own is J is for Jeep umbrella stroller and I hate it. It serves its purpose for when I needed to throw a stroller in my moms car for garage saling but other than that it mostly sits in our garage collecting dust. The wheels always get stuck sideways and I can never get it to go right. It's difficult to maneuver so it's useless to me. 

I did see a stroller than I am extremely interested in when baby #2 arrives. It's called the Zoe stroller and they make a double wide stroller that fits through a standard doorway and it's super lightweight. Everyone says it's great for traveling, which we do a lot of so I will always jump for things to make traveling easier. I believe it only weighs like 19 pounds. I'm sure that I will love that the Uppababy Vista can turn into a double stroller also but there's just something about when they get older and the babes wanting to be next to each other and not front and back. I definitely think that's perfect for when you have a toddler and infant carseat. So I guess we will wait and see what happens once we have a second.

I know there is always a debate over glider versus rocking chair but they pretty much serve the same purpose. So regardless you need something comfortable to feed the newborn in and put those little snuggle butts to bed with. We personally have the DaVinci Olive Glider and Ottoman. Now that we have another baby on the way, we have left the glider in the nursery and got Ellie a small rocking chair that she can sit in and read to her baby dolls and stuffed animals. We stopped rocking her to sleep probably before she turned one so it made the transition to a toddler bed all the easier. 

// High chair //

We decided to not get too fancy with this purchase. We have the Graco Blossom 6-in-1 high chair. It comes with a booster seat for when they start sitting at the dining table. Ellie has already stopped using both of these all together. Pretty much from about 18 months, she started wanting to sit in the booster at the table with us. Which was nice at first but now she won't sit in that either. So she pretty much doesn't use a high chair unless were at a restaurant that doesn't have a booth. Hopefully our next baby will use it a little longer but who knows. Some people prefer to have a high chair that has no fabric but I like that this is a little comfier for when they are smaller. We didn't usually let her get too messy with food so that wasn't an issue for us. 

// Crib //

We planned a long time ago to always keep the crib in the nursery and just move the older kids to a different bed. So we chose a crib that only turns into a toddler bed and not a full queen. I personally didn't want to spend a few hundred dollars on a new crib with every baby and will just move Ellie to a big girl bed and so on. We have the Delta Children's Emery Crib and we absolutely love it! It was not too difficult to put together. We have bought a few other things for the nursery and Ellie's room designed by Delta Childrens and they are all incredible quality! 

I absolutely fell in love with my diaper bag. It's the Freshly Picked Convertible Classic diaper bag. I have it in black and I love how stylish it is. Backpack is definitely the way to go. As a mom you need to be able to have your hands free at all times. There are so many different backpack style bags that you can't really go wrong with any of them. I do have a cheap one from Amazon that I have used for traveling and took to the hospital so my Freshly Picked one can stay nice but it didn't last real long. The zipper kept busting open. 

So since I've had the Freshly Picked bag in black for 2 years, it has been very lived in. I chose to order myself a new bag for when we have 2 kiddos to back for. I went ahead and ordered the Lily Jade Caroline bag! I have heard so many great things about it and it arrives on Friday! I can't wait for it to get here so I can test it out myself! These bags are a little more of an investment but I strongly believe you pay for what you get. If you pay a little more for the bag it'll last longer. The Lily Jade bag is a backpack and shoulder bag. I watched a few YouTube videos also to see how people pack it and it seems to slightly bigger than the Freshly Picked bag which will be perfect!

Here is a list of a few other baby registry must have items that include baby carrier, burp cloths, baby bath, nursing cover, bottle drying rack, sound machine, and our favorite boppy pillow!

Of course everyone's must have lists are going to be slightly different, but these are definitely some tried and true baby products we use in our house! Leave a comment below of some of your absolute favorite new baby must haves!



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