Dining Room

Any house we have rented or bought in the past, never had a dining room. I think most people now a days want a large open entertaining space, where the dining area is incorporated to the rest of the house. When we were looking to move back closer to our families we never thought we would build a house with a formal dining room or buy a new house with one. We have a decent amount of immediate family members and we typically want to all be in the same room as each other at all times. We never learned manners of letting one person talk at a time so it can get rowdy here.... I've never wanted anything more in my entire life than to have a house full of people who love each other.

When we bought our house, we looked at the dining room in the front of the house wondering if we would ever actually use it as a dining room. At the time we only had a kitchen sized table so we put a couch and rug in there to make the big space a little cozier until we knew what to do with it. My husband looked at the room and instantly told me he wanted to build us a large dining table! Anthony and his dad have built every table in our house already so I was excited to see what they had in mind for this one. Once we got talking, we knew we wanted a dining table that could fit 8-10 people. Not that we are going to have that many kids to fill it but because we want our house to be open at all times for people to just come on over!

We love to host Saturday morning breakfasts, holiday parties, game nights, and pretty much any reason we can find to get together with people. We both grew up in homes that were always open to family and friends to stop by at any given moment just to hang out. When we got married we knew we wanted to provide that space for others to come to our house like our parents did. So for the last year, I have starred at that room imagining all the the family dinners we will serve and thinking about all the laughter, smiles, and conversations this room will bring to us and it is finally finished!

I am so incredibly happy with how it turned out! My husband and father-in-law put in a lot of hard work to make this incredible table. It may have taken quite a few people to actually bring it into the house but it is here to stay.... for the rest of our lives! Mostly because I love it so much but also because I don't think it could physically be moved!

All items are linked in here in my LiketoKnow.It page. My husband built our dining table so I linked a few options that are similar to what we built.


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