Baby Summertime Must Haves

I love summertime! Part of that probably has to do with my birthday being in summer, but who doesn't love being tan, spending your days by the pool, and grilling out!

We don't have a pool at our house but our pretty awesome neighbors have one and invite us over to swim often. My parents also have a pool so we pretty much take advantage of all our connections to get us by during the summer. So whether you are going on vacation or having a staycation at your own pool, you'll need a few summertime necessities for those little babes. I'll definitely be the first to tell you that going to a pool with a little one is no easy task. So here's a list of items to help get you prepared so that you can relax and enjoy that sunshine.

Once we had our sweet baby girl, I kept looking at all the adorable clothes and bathing suits that I couldn't wait to dress her in. Unfortunately, you quickly realize though that some of these items are not functional or practical. And when you are sleep deprived and sometimes emotional, you need functionality over looks. Those itty bitty bikinis for babies are super adorbs.... but if you aren't supposed to use sunscreen before 6 months you need to figure something out. I didn't even know the sunscreen issue was a thing. Google has definitely been my best friend as a first time mom.

I wish I was the one who came up with this, then I would be rich! Whoever it was is a genius for inventing .... SPF bathing suits! I'm not sure who did it first but now there's a few different brands that sell these but I personally bought the RuffleButts ones last year! I loved them! They have so many different colors and patterns to choose from. I found a few different options for a little boys version of these SPF bathing suits here. These suits help minimise the amount of skin exposed to the sun. **You'll thank me when you apply sunscreen to a baby for the first time... not such an easy task.
Although they don't recommend putting sunscreen sunscreen on infants until 6 months of age or older, I chose sunscreen protection over possible sunburn. Of course I kept the baby out of the sun as much as I could but it's not always possible, so you should use your own descretion with that and talk to your prediatrician. We chose to use Babyganics sunscreen because it is water-resistant, tear free, non-allergenic, and has UVA + UVB protection. I like to keep it in my diaper bag during the spring/summer months also for when we go for walks or when we are outside and not necessarily prepared to be in the pool.

Sometimes you can control exposure to the sun and put your little one in the shade, but because they can't regulate their tempurature as easily as adults can, you should probably get a fan to help with that! I recommend this rechargeable/portable clip fan to everyone! It is an absolute summer must have. We keep it in the car to take everywhere we go. I've clipped this fan to our stroller, the carseat, outdoor tables at restaurants, and about 1000 other places. It comes with a cord so that I can charge it at a moments notice, even in our car on our way.

You will also need a baby float for your pooltime fun! I love to hold Ellie in the pool but it's nice to get her used to a float so she can splash around in the water. We spend so many days in the pool during the summer so this is really helpful to just hold onto the float. It comes in a pretty small bag and is so easy to set up. I just toss it in my beach bag. You only have to blow it up a little bit and it's ready to go. It also comes with sun protection shade and water toys for your little to play with.

A few additional items I always keep in my beach bag are a sun hatbeach towel, a wet bag for their bathing suit, swim diapers (usually a couple just in case we have an issue), and a dry outfit to change in to. We also bring a water bottle and snacks! I never go anywhere without snacks... for Ellie and myself! 😉

We absolutely love summertime. There's just something about going on vacation to the beach, spending your days in the pool, going to concerts, having family picnics and roasting marshmellos over a bonfire for s'mores! 

All items are linked here on my LiketoKnow.It page.

What are your favorite things to do in the summer???


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