Amazon Weekend Getaway Must Haves

I seriously need to get away for a weekend trip. I'm so excited for our vacations we have planned this summer and so thankful that they have not been cancelled! Momma needs the BEACH.

Any other mommas feel me?! My husband and I are trying to figure out somewhere to go for a weekend trip to get out of this house and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air to get us through until our vacation. I'm not sure if well get to go anywhere but it got me thinking about our weekend trip to Columbus and how much fun me and my husband had. So I figured I would share some travel items I have found on Amazon and love!!

First things first, is finding a great weekender bag! I few years ago, when we lived in Maryland, I found one for my husband. We we're driving to Ohio to visit our families quite often and he needed something other than a suitcase for traveling. I feel like I'm more inclined to go on spontaneous trips if I go somewhere that doesn't require packing too many items! Nothing makes a spontaneous trip less fun than when you'll only be gone 2 days and need to bring the whole house. A.K.A. traveling with kiddos now.

This quarentine has me itching to go on a trip so bad! I think it's just a combination of a teething baby and this rainy weather we've been having. Hopefully you find some awesome ideas for gifts here or just some fun things that help you look forward to traveling more. Nothing makes me want to do something more than being told I can't... gosh these places need to start opening up in the country. I guess either that or we need to buy a lake house somewhere (hint hint Anthony if you're reading this).

I was never really on board with buying a lake house initially because growing up that never sounded like anything my family would do for a vacation. We we're strictly Florida beach people and definitely the indoorsy type! When I was growing up, we never did anything outdoorsy. I'm sure with having 3 girls, my dad was thrilled to not have to do those things. He was the perfect girl dad. He was definitely not the camping, fishing, or hunting type. So we didn't feel like we we're missing out.

Being home with the baby and Anthony working from home, having a place we could go to escape the everyday slump, is starting to sound a lot more appealing. It would be really nice to pack up some things to get away for a few days without having to actually book a vacation. Vacations with kids are not as relaxing as they used to be. A few hour trip to help you feel refreshed for the week, sounds just like something we are starting to need though.

So let's get back to why we are here. Amazon is literally here for all of my needs, from buying diapers to dog food and everything in between. I absolutely love the convienence of just hopping on my phone to reorder something when I see we are getting low. Or when the baby goes down for a nap, and I go out to catch some rays on my deck, I love scrolling to find new things to buy. With places starting to open up around the country, it has me getting my bags packed for a weekend getaway.

I found an adorable toiletry bag for me and one to match my husband's weekender bag! You know he doesn't care about things like that but I do. Whether we are driving or flying, I always bring a neck pillow! It's so much easier and more convienent than bringing an actual pillow with us too.

So head to the link below to see what else I like to bring for all my getaway adventures here on my page.

What are your favorite items to take on a weekend getaway???


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