Peloton 1 Year Review

I'm so excited to say we have owned the Peloton bike for over a year now and I'm learning to love it even more now than I did at first.

I sometimes struggle to find motivation to workout at home though, especially when it's 95 degrees out and sunny. All I want to do in the summer is lay by a pool. Since having Ellie last year, getting tan doesn't happen quite like it used to. It looks more like racerback and shorts tan lines rather than a bikini tan. The days might be long but I blinked and shes about to be 18 months old. I'm not sure how that happened but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

The easiest way I stay motivated with the Peloton app and bike is by some days starting with a 10 minute arms toning class or a 20 minute spin class. It was way easier for me to commit to the shorter classes and do multiple of them than it was to do a 30 minute or more class all at once. Sometimes I have a hard time finding time to do some much needed laundry or shower, let a lone a scheduled workout session. So Peloton has made no longer an issue!

The Peloton app lets you sort the classes by type of class, length of time, instructor and specific type of workout. They have made it incredibly easy for you to be able to do at least one class a day. They even have outdoor runs or walks that you can do also. I love walking in the park so listening to the class during my walk makes it go a lot faster! They also have different genres of music you can pick from to join the best class for you. 

I have just recently been adding in the bodyweight excersies for days that Ellie wakes up before me and I don't want to wait until 2 p.m. to workout when she goes down for her nap. Like today I did an arms toning class while she ate breakfast and then I did a glutes and legs workout while she climbed all over me.... not an ideal workout session but I got it done! And that's all that matters. 

I did my first bodyweight class when I was on vacation in Florida and couldn't go down to the little gym without Ellie so I made due right there in the hotel. WOW.... I couldn't believe I was so sore for 3 days from doing a 20 minute bodyweight class. I was so incredibly shocked that I was using completely different muscles than what spinning required and I could barely walk for 3 whole days. Going from a sitting position to standing or vice versa was extremely difficult. I immediately realized that I needed to start encorperating these types of classes every once in a while so that this doesn't keep happening. 

It's probably going to take me a long time before I stop being sore after the strength workouts but I can definitely tell I'm getting stronger. There's always a class to push you to be uncomfortable... that's how you learn to grow. 

What I learned in my first year with Peloton?

How to adjust the bike for multiple riders?
Adjusting the bike is really easy. When I used to take spinning classes in college they used to tell us to stand next to the bike to measure how high the seat should be. It should sit right at your hips. To adjust the Peloton bike, you just unwind and pull the lever under the seat and adjust the height. We dont usually more the handles or seat but you are able to do so. They have instructions on their site to help you properly set up the bike.

Do I need to purchase biker/paded shorts?
No. I maybe had a little soreness for the first week or so but that went away really. If it's really uncomfortable for you then you could try some paded shorts but I personally don't think it's necessary.

Was the accessory package worth it?
In my opinion, yes. I think the shoes a lone make an incredible diffence when riding. The cycling shoes clip in and your feet won't slip like they would if you were just wearing tennis shoes. We got the Family Package of accessories and this comes with shoes, heartrate monitor, bike mat, headphones, water bottle, and weights.

What comes with the Peloton Subscription?
I have used so many other classes in the app other than just cycling and I love it! They have yoga, strength training, stretching, cardio, meditation, bootcamp and outdoor run/walk. My go-to classes other than cycling are arms-toning classes, yoga, or bodyweight strenth classes. I highly recommend taking full advantage of all Peloton has to offer.

Am I using it as often as I was at first?
I believe for how much you are paying, you should get as much out of it as you possibly can. I try to take a few cycling classes a week. I then pair it with arms-toning classes, bodyweight classes and much more. I don't always have the same amount of time each day to work out which is why I love that you have a wide range of classes. The class length of time can range from 15 mins up to an hour. So it is very flexible when you have an inconsistent schedule like me.

If you have any other questions or comments about the Peloton bike, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message!

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