Finding Peace

Mom life is rough. Around the end of last year, I started feeling like everyday I was just surviving. I didn't want to be just surviving motherhood, I wanted to be thriving in it. I was constantly looking forward to naptime/ bedtime just to get a break. But I was quickly reminded how fast this time is going and I honestly wanted nothing more in life than to be a mom. I needed to change my mindset in order to start thriving.  

I absolutely hated going to bed at night and feeling like I was missing out on my life and on Ellie's life by constantly waiting for her to go down for a nap or to bed at night to get things done. Of course, I still have to remind myself most days not to wish it away.

I truly believe the best way to begin or end your day on a positive note, is to find a great devotional.  I found reading one everyday (most days) was helping me have more patience with the day to day routine. From parents with babies to parents of teenagers, this book is incredibly relatable on so many levels. 

Of course there are many devotionals to choose from, but I had read Shaunti Feldhahn's book called For Women Only in the past, and it was a really informational book into the insight of men and the way they think. I highly recommend this book if you are newly married, in a serious relationship or hoping to be in one someday soon. This book is awesome and very eye opening to see how men actually think, even if you think you have them figured out. 

Because I had read this book previously, I was drawn to her devotional when I started searching on Amazon. She actually wrote 2 devotionals. The one I chose is called Find Peace. It's a 40 day devotional journey for moms! I have a daughter who is 18 months old and I actually found this devotional very relatable for now and how I can use it in the future. It is such an easy read and has great prayers and journaling prompts after each daily devotional. I also really liked that this was a 40 day devotional, and it was ok to just pick up where I left off if I missed a day. Because being judged by a calendar day devotional when I forget to read it, is not what I need to keep me going. 

Feldhahn also wrote a devotional called Find Rest: A Women's Devotional for Lasting Peace in a Busy Life. I loved the mom version so much that I have gifted this devotional to some friends. I honestly believe that starting your day off on a positive note sets the stage for a better day. But as a mom, I find myself rushing during the mornings and all day long that my quiet time is mostly spent at night. I don't think it matters what time of day you pour into yourself but that you actually pour into yourself. 

As a mom, you can't pour into the lives of your children and husband from an empty cup. All we do is pour into others all day long and you need to take time for yourself too. I don't always have time for facemasks while sipping wine but doing a devotional that only takes a few minutes is perfect. 

Do you have a devotional that you have found to love? Leave a comment below and I'll check it out!


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