White House Fruit Farm Favorites

If you're from the Northeastern Ohio area then you're no stranger to White House Fruit Farm. I have so many memories visiting there while I was growing up! It was a staple for getting blueberry donuts and feeding the fish in the pond with my grandparents! I feel so blessed being able to share those traditions now with my own daughter.

For Anthony and I's wedding (5 years ago...), instead of serving a traditional wedding cake we wanted to do something a little different. Anthony had some family coming in from out of town for the wedding and we thought nothing would be better than serving our local White House Fruit Farm donuts as dessert! It was such a huge hit! Everyone loved the idea and was excited to try the different flavors we had picked out! 

Every season brings new attractions to the farm. We went there last Friday to pick our own sunflowers! For just $1 a stem, you get to pick as many sunflowers as you would like. This was my first time doing this and I had so much fun sharing it with Ellie and my mom. It's incredible how the quality of the photos taken came out. The weather was absolutely perfect this day. We finished off our afternoon walking through the market to get fresh produce and donuts! You can't go to White House without getting a donut! 

Now that fall is fast approaching, I am looking forward to their Fall Gift Barn and Pumpkin Pavilion opening next weekend Sept 11th! White House has perfected the fall experience. They have tons of pumpkins, corn stalks, and mums to get your home ready for fall! They also sell adorable fall and holiday home decor!

They now have a little coffee shop outside of the market called Coze Coffee that serves a variety of drinks, so that you can enjoy your donut with a delicious cup of coffee and sit by their pond. They have a playground for kids to play on, lots of places to take pictures next to old trucks and tractors, and there are picnic tables on the grounds to sit at and have lunch. There is also a Budgie Bird Barn that you can go in to to feed birds if that’s your cup of tea! 

This place just feels so special to me. I love coming here to support a local business. I love that they are genuinely nice people. It feels so comforting to spend time here, especially having grown up around this area. I love having the pleasure of making memories with my own little family, because my childhood ones are so precious to me. 

So I hope that if you're new to the area, you'll stop in to see what all they have to offer. And if you've grown up around here and you haven't visited in a while, that you head over to check out what they are going to have going on over the next few months! 


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