Holiday Gift Guide For Him

 Who else is excited to start shopping for Christmas??

I have started to put together some gift guides for everyone in the family! I find it incredibly difficult to shop for my husband sometimes because he always just buys whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. There isn't usually a waiting period. So this year I'm putting together a few different gift guides so we can all start shopping. 

// Etsy Shop Finds //

I few ways I know how to get him something special is by checking out Etsy! I always find the best gifts for my hubby from there. He loves when it's something personalized. It just makes what would be an ordinary gift idea, with a thoughtful touch! I highly recommend checking out these Etsy shop finds. Here are a few of my favorites that I've ordered recently! 

Metal Sign // I ordered this for Anthony for Father's Day this year and he absolutely loved it! I recommend ordering this early to allow for it to arrive in time for Christmas. 

Glass Decanter // I ordered this beautiful decanter last Christmas with a "G" engraved in it! Great gift idea for retirement, Christmas, Father's Day or birthday. 

Knife // We have officially been married for 5 years! The 5th wedding anniversary is the wooden anniversary so I chose this knife as a sentimental gift, but you could easily engrave this knife for any man in your life.

// Tech Lovers Gift Guide //

If you live with a man who loves everything tech related, here's a gift guide for you! Our house is literally decked out in Google speakers, monitors, and outlets. Pretty much everything in our house is connected to each other which is great for efficiency. We say "OK Google, goodnight" and our front door locks, christmas tree turns off, bedroom fan turns on, and baby monitor linked to our room. I personally think it's a little overboard but it's what my hubby is into so we just are along for the ride! Makes my life a little easier and that's good enough for me!

// Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Type //

This is definitely not my forte. My outdoorsy type is like yeti coolers and boating, that's about as far as I go. Definitely not an expert in this area but we definitely have a few things that have been winners for Anthony in that department! 

Usually I get Anthony some updated things for his wardrobe in addition to these more fun items. Usually things that he's put holes in or has had for far too long. He absolutely never parts with anything unless he has something almost identical to replace it. He's had these old and dirty Nike shoes that look like Vans for like 10 years. He finally got an almost identical pair in his Stitch Fix box this last month and we were able to toss the old ones out! (Thank you Jesus!)

If you have some ideas of things your husbands or fathers have liked, leave a comment below so I can check them out!


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