Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Oh Twodles! 

I can't believe Ellie turned two years old. How is that possible? She is the best little girl. It has been so fun to watch her have so much personality. She is learning so much so fast! The last few months she has been pretty obsessed with Minnie Mouse and Bow-Toons so I thought what better than to throw her a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party!

We would have loved to have had as big of a birthday for her as we did for her first birthday but with everything going on still we wanted to be cautious. So instead of throwing a party with a million people, we decided to do a little more with a smaller party and it turned out perfect. 

Some of our decorations I saved from her first birthday party but I ordered all of them from Amazon! It made things so incredibly easy to have everything delivered to our house for her party. Her Oh Twodles invitation is from Etsy and I just had it printed at Walgreens. The digital invitation was easy to use.

This was my first time making a balloon arch though and it was a little more complicated than I wished it would have been. Pro tip: use air compressor to blow up balloons! My brother in law actually told us to do this and man it definitely made things go so much faster. I'm not sure we could have blown up all the balloons without it. The balloon arch kit did come with a contraption to tie the balloons but I could not figure out how to use it so I ended up just tieing all the balloons myself. 

We tied the balloon arch together to the lights instead of as a half arch. I couldn't decide on where to place it in "arch form" so we decided that didn't necessarily need to be done that way. That ended up working out best for us and the space in our house. 

If you're local to the Youngstown, Ohio area I highly recommend Sargent Cookie Cutters for all your sugar cookie needs! They did an incredible job designing cookies that matched our Minnie Mouse themed birthday party! I've used them a couple times for different parties we've thrown and I've been more and more impressed each time. 

I usually like to have a local bakery make our cakes or cupcakes but this year Anthony convinced me to order our cake from Milk Bar and it definitely did not disappoint! I ordered it the beginning of February but they really only require ordering the cake a few days before the party. We chose the traditional birthday cake but they have tons of options to choose from, including cookies, pies, and cake truffles! I highly recommend checking them out for your next party. They ship it right to your house so it doesn't matter where you live!

I found some Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears on Amazon to give out as party favors also. They came in a pack of 20 ears for like $10. You couldn't beat the price. I also found a Happy Birthday sign and an Oh Twodles sign to complete our look! Other than adding a few helium balloons from the Dollar Tree, we didn't do much else other than order some delicious food!

Overall we had such a great time being with our family celebrating our little girl. I can't believe she has already turned 2 years old. I'd say it was a totally success!


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