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Being a new mom can be tough. We try so hard to do everything right. I've definitely learned through trial and error the best ways to do things in our house. These are some tips that I have figured out on my own and also some tips I've learned from some very wise mommas. I hope you find these helpful also! 

It's so difficult when we feel like we have to be perfect for our little ones. There is so much guilt around doing things for ourselves but it's the most important. It can be really hard to ask for help or let other people help but it's so much more beneficial in the long run if you allow others to help you. We all need a breather sometimes and it's ok. These tips aren't going to work for every baby but it's worth a try. Every baby is so different so I'm excited to see how baby #2 is going to do compared to Ellie. 

Here is a list of some tried and true tips for momma and baby!

  • You have absolutely no idea how incredible these are. I did not register for these at my baby shower but I wish I had. Someone just happened to buy them for me and WOW, game changer! These sleepers unzip from the feet so you can leave the top half still dressed. Perfect for nighttime feedings, if you just want to change and feed the baby back to sleep so you can get back to sleep ASAP. 

  • Just like the sleepers, they also make swaddles that unzip from bottom also! Swaddling a baby in general really helps them feel like they are being held which helps them sleep longer. Unfortunately you can't hold a baby all night because you need sleep too momma. So these are a huge help!
  • Place a heating pad on the boppy, bassinet or crib (wherever baby is going to sleep) while you are getting baby ready for nap or bedtime. Then remove the heating pad once you are ready to lay baby down. This will help them feel more relaxed and not startled by a cold sheet, thus making baby fall asleep faster. 
  • Onesies are designed to be able to pull them down from shoulders folds. This makes it easier to change baby after they've had a blowout without lifting the dirty onesie over their head and making more of a mess to clean. If you don't already know, you'll soon find out how many diaper blowouts happen a day! 
  • Use a sound machine during every nap and at bedtime. This really helped Ellie understand when it was bedtime. I sleep with a fan at night so it was an easy transition to turning on the sound machine for every nap and at bedtime once she was in her crib. It's soothing and it helps drown out any background noise in the house. We always tried to not be absolutely quiet while she was sleeping so that she could learn to fall asleep anywhere. This made it easier for her to nap while we were out and had other things were going on. 
  • It's so hard to have a teething baby and wishing there was something you could do to help them. I can only imagine how tough it is for them to get all these teeth and not be able to tell us they don't feel well. I'm a firm believer in helping them with Tylenol or Motrin when need be but freezing a wet washcloth for them to bite on was a huge help! It's nice and soft unlike some other teethers and it really feels good on their swollen gums! I've bought and used so many different teethers but these are great for soothing those really swollen ones. 
  • I always carry bags for dirty clothes and dirty diapers. You aren't always somewhere you can throw the diaper away and you don't want a stinky diaper filling your car or diaper bag until you can dispose of it. We ordered a box of these doggie bags on amazon! It comes with a baggie holder and I just attached that to our diaper bag. I felt like these were easier to put the dirty clothes in one and dirty diapers in another. Plus having a dog already, we have used these for so many other times. I do also carry a wet bag but I like to use that for wet bathing suits or something along those lines instead of putting dirty clothes in it and having to wash the bag too and not having another one handy at a moments notice. 
  • Use a beauty blender to apply sunscreen to a babies face. This makes it so easy to quickly dab the sunscreen on their face while their wiggling and not wanting you to do that. I personally think this is easier and more efficient than a sunscreen stick. 
  • Place a command hook on the back of the high chair to store bibs close by. This makes it quick and easy to grab one when you put baby in the high chair to feed them. 
I hope these tips were helpful! Leave a comment if you have any other helpful tips to share with this momma!



  1. The extra bags for random places.. 💯

    1. They are great for easy clean up! I have them all over the house, in the diaper bag and in the stroller/car.

  2. The extra bags for random places.. 💯


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