We're Building a House!

OMG we are building a house!

I can't believe this is actually happening. When we moved back to Ohio 2 and a half years ago, I was talking my husband out of building a house and that just buying a house already built was a much better idea.... yet here we are. 

I am sorta sad about my current house though. We absolutely love our house. We love to host parties and have everyone over all year round. We unfortunately want to change things about this house that would cost a lot of money to do but not actually add any value to our house. For example, some of those changes would be adding a front porch, an additional garage and a covered outdoor space. Those things just won't work on our current property. 

We absolutely love our neighborhood though, so much so, that we purchased a different lot in it to build our dream home! We have just recently started the building plans, so I'll try to bring you along through the process as much as I can once we get started. 

We are so excited to start this journey, but I have to be honest and say that my husband is way more excited than I am about building. He has always wanted to build his dream home. I, on the other hand, am a little more apprehensive than he is. It's not that I don't want to build, but more so that I already love our current house and building is sooooo stressful! There are practically millions of decisions to make and I am pretty much the most indecisive person on the planet. 

We've been watching Dream Home Makeover on Netflix to get ideas. I was so excited about the Studio McGee line at Target and had no idea that was their line! The house they have build for their family is absolutely beautiful. We sat and watched all their YouTube videos about each room in their house last week. I am also excited about the adorable backyard space they have also! I can't wait for ours to be done. 

I can only imagine though how many times she changed her mind about things going in her house and I'm so stressed that I'll pick something I don't love! What if what I want ends up going out of style? Or what if we go way over budget?! I'm stressed just typing about it. 

Anthony is way in over his head. He constantly sees something he thinks would be cool and then swooning over it and says he has to have it. I am more of the grounder and then proceeds to tell him 3 reasons we would never use it. Like he saw a picture on Pinterest of a sauna in the master bath and then he really wanted to have it. For someone who hates being hot, he complains after he gets out of the shower that he let run for 40 minutes to get the bathroom warm beforehand, that he's too hot and is sweating to death. *Insert eyeroll emoji.* 

I'll be over here praying that our marriage survives building a house. 



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