10 Years


10 years ✨

It’s amazing how much perspective you can gain over time. I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for God sparing my life.

I was starting my freshman year of nursing school in college. I was on my way to school one day in my first semester, when I was in a car accident. A car accident that the Paramedics said they’ve never seen anyone survive from. EVER.

As a child growing up, I vividly remember my parents praying over me and my sister a for hedge of protection pretty much every single night before bed. And He (Jesus) did just that. He provided the “hedge of protection” my parents prayed for. 


I was hit in such a specific part of my car that the back seats came up over top of me to protect my head and my passenger seat was cushioning my whole right side of my body from the impact. I was supposed to pick up a friend on my way to school that day and I cannot remember who it was or why I didn’t pick them up. BUT there was no other survivable spot in my car except where I was sitting. 

I walked away from this accident with only a minor concussion. I didn't even have a scratch on my body. That is all God. And I was meant for more in this life. I was meant to become an emergency room nurse. I was meant to meet my husband and be a mommy to my girls. I would have none of that if God didn’t save me that day. I will live out my life to the best of my abilities to make Jesus happy and share my story with others. 

This is the power of prayer people. Pray over your family and your babies! You might be praying for one specific moment 17 years from now. ❤️ 


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