Selling Our Home

Lots of big changes coming to the Grenga house. 

What a whirlwind this had been. We have been planning to build a new house for a while now and we finally took the plunge and listed our house for sale. 

The biggest question we get asked is, "where are we going to live?" and we honestly didn't know. When we first were planning to build I told Anthony I would absolutely under no circumstances want to live with any family. You know how building goes, they say 9-10 months it’s over a year, they said 12 months… it’s easily 18 months.

We have two young kids, a dog, and he works from home. We are a crew, as much as our families love us, we cannot do that to them. As we have been looking for places to potentially live, the rent costs about the same as our current mortgage. That's a really hard commitment to make when we could just live in our current home without changing anything. Thankfully we found something that is going to work out financially for us and close to where we currently live! 

I struggle already with making decisions so all of this has made me really uneasy from the start. I started praying that things would go smoothly. That if this was God's plan for our lives then the transitions would be easy and not forced. I prayed that doors would be open when the right opportunities presented themselves and here we are. We couldn't be more thankful than how this is working out. Although, there are a lot of unknowns for the next year or two, we know we will be ok. We have lived off far less than we have now and we will not take that for granted. 

Ellie just started preschool and all I keep thinking about is how all these big changes are going to ruin her experience with school and make her not want to go. Sometimes she throws a fit just sending her to the childcare at church. When we started talking about going to school, we made everything really positive. I started praying that she would be excited and really love it and she has! She has been loving going to school these last couple weeks and is really thriving. She just jumps out of the car in the carpool line and never looks back. I am so thankful for that and I am doing my best to make sure that continues.

As sad as I was to send my first baby to school, it has been really good for us. It has given me and Sophia some really good one on one time. I forget how easy it is to just take one kid out sometimes. It also has given us a routine. I have been craving that for a long time now. I am actually really loving the schedule and routines of our days right now. It doesn't feel as mundane as it was starting to. We have a lot to look forward to.

Thanks for being here! Stay tuned to hear all about our life in a condo/ building our dream house.



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