Breaking Ground New House


We have broken ground on our new house! Eeeeek! I can't believe it's finally time. We bought our land almost two years ago now and have been drawing plans for about the last year! We had some bumps in the road with selling our old house and moving into a condo in the fall, but WOW nothing could prepare us for the joy we would feel finally starting our dream home build!

The house we moved from Maryland to Ohio and bought was an amazing place to call home for 4 years. I honestly never imagined moving or building another house. I knew Anthony wanted more space but I just figured he would have to deal without it. Anthony kept saying he wanted to pursue building so I went along...

First decision during this process was finding a piece of property that suited both me and Anthony's wants. Anthony wanted to have acreage and land of his own. I wanted to stay close to our neighbors. I wanted someone to know if I went missing. HA! I did not want to live somewhere that was in the middle of nowhere. Period. 

Then we came across two lots that Master Plan Home Builders was willing to sell together and make a larger home for it. This piece of land we found was absolutely perfect! SO we moved quickly on it. Buying it before we even knew what kind of house we wanted. 

This land gave me and Anthony everything we each wanted for our HOME. 

We loved a lot of the work that went into our first home in Ohio and wanted that same esthetic in our dream home. So it was a no brainer picking Master Plan to build our dream home!


Of course we will be bringing you along throughout the process of picking out all the fun stuff and our many walks through our mud pit. The builders have been cruising so far and have made so much progress over the last two weeks. They cleared trees, dug and leveled our foundation, and started laying blocks this week! We also had a design meeting this week to go over our inspiration for the exterior of the house! 

This is some of our inspiration ....

Our house is going to sit on 4 acres and we just love the look of the black house in all the trees. We are going to be adding in some copper accents along with grey stonework and cedar beams!

I'm sure there will be many hiccups along the way but I'm trying to enjoy as much as I can. We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives. What a blessing it is to be able to do this for our family! We are beyond thankful and hope to be able to bless all who enter it's doors. 

Next up is plumbing & picking out our fireplace! 

Stay tuned for more updates...


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