Our Vacations to Cape May, NJ

My husband's family has been going on vacation to Cape May, NJ his whole life. I have been attending this family vacation since 2014 and although it was not "my family's" type of vacation, I have grown to love it dearly. 

There's just something about this small beach town in New Jersey that is special. The white sandy beaches are beautiful. It's more up north than where my family usually goes on vacation (Florida) so it's a little more breezy and tolerable if you don't like the extremely hot weather. We've gone at all times of the summer to this same place but I would say my favorite time to go is in August. The water is warm and the sun is shining bright. 

Our Favorite Restaurants & Bars

There's so many amazing places to eat at but these are a few that we eat at every single time we go to Cape May. So many cute small shops and local boutiques to finds amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. From novelty ice cream & candy shops, to bars & restaurants, there are so many options when visiting the Washington Street Mall

Our Favorite Places to Stay
  • Congress Hall is by far our favorite place to stay. It is family friendly and the girls had a blast. The pool was beautiful.  They have lounge chairs and tables to order snacks and drinks to. You need to cross the street to get to the beach but they have their own private beach access and it's gorgeous. Last year, we rented a cabana for the beach and it was perfect for two little ones to be able to get some shade while at the beach. Best money we spent for the day. 
  • We've also stayed at multiple condos in The Grand at Diamond Beach, NJ. The condo is right on the beach but it's set off from the water and is a bit of a hike to carry all your beach stuff to. 
Both places have been great options for our family over the years. Scroll down to the bottom to see pictures of me and Anthony before kids. 



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